How To Put A Pessoa Training System On A Horse

Pessoa Training System On A Horse

The Pessoa training system is designed to work the horse in four different positions encouraging balance and a gradual build-up of muscle along the horse’s topline, providing the person using the equipment lunges the horse well and in a controlled forward manner. The horse should be encouraged to engage the quarters as the system works on the principle of pulleys and levers.

If the horse resists by lifting the head and the nose, there is pressure on the bars of the mouth and the hindquarters. As soon as the horse drops his head or gives with the head and jaw, the pressure is alleviated.

TO FIT: There is quite a lot of equipment to be fitted to the horse so the instructions given with each Pessoa training aid should be followed care-fully.

This equipment also relies on breeching so, again, if your horse is not accustomed to wearing harness, introduce this part of the equipment carefully in a controlled environment. This is a potentially powerful piece of equipment so gradual introduction and short but correct initial sessions will get better results.