The Nathe Combi Trainer

The Nathe Combi Trainer

The Nathe Combi Trainer is designed to be used on the lunge.

It is a very simple but effective schooling device requiring very little additional equipment to be used in conjunction With it. It is basically driving-harness breeching that extends either side of the horse’s body and attaches to the bit rings. It is adjusted on the loin straps and along the trace line. The trainer is made of lin nylon webbing with a protective plastic sleeve on the breeching to prevent friction rubbing and, at the bit end, the last 24in is thick elastic.

It encourages a low, relaxed profile and the breeching helps to encourage the horse to engage the quarters. When the head is raised and the nose extended, the breeching tightens on the quarters and there is a downward pull on the bars of the mouth. As the head drops and the hind legs step further under the body the tension is relaxed. This is a device that positively encourages low, powerful forward movement.

TO FIT: A horse accustomed to wearing breeching will not notice any difference in wearing this equipment from wearing driving harness but great care must be taken when introducing this piece of equipment to a horse that is not. The Nathe Combi trainer should not be attached to the bit until the horse is ready to work in the lungeing area.

It should be adjusted to accommodate a long profile so that it is just straight when the horse is standing still with his head in a natural and relaxed position. When the horse is worked in and relaxed then the Nathe Combi trainer can be adjusted so that the head is just in front of the vertical. It is very important that this equipment is adjusted correctly, it must not be over-shortened and make the horse overbend.