Beginners’ Guide To Carriage Driving

horse carriage driving guide

Essential information for anyone interested in learning more about driving horses. Man has been driving horses since the Romans harnessed them to chariots and, even earlier. But with the mechanisation of agriculture and the arrival of the motor car during the twentieth century, is the driving horse now firmly rooted in the past? Driving is […]

Can Horses Swim?

horse in water

Horses are majestic creatures, but they are not known for their swimming prowess. While some breeds of horses can and do swim, most cannot. There are many factors that determine if a horse can swim or not; they include breed, age and health status. Some breeds have been bred specifically to be able to swim […]

Alpacas – Could They Change Your Horsey’s Life for the Better?

Alpacas – Could They Change Your Horsey’s Life for the Better?

The wonder of woolies! Could an alpaca be a cuddle companion for your horsey? Why not choose a more unusual companion for your horse – Llamas and alpacas are ideal and have huge benefits too! llamas and alpacas are fast becoming the most popular companions for horses and there are many benefits to owning them. […]

Paws For Thought – The Benefits of Hacking out with Your Dog

Benefits of Hacking out with Your Dog

Hacking out with your dog can be brilliant – or a bit of a ‘mare. You’re setting off for a hack on a beautiful morning. Your horse is striding happily, your dog running alongside, both excited but listening for you, too. It’s amazing, really – they are behavioural opposites – canine predator, equine prey. In […]

5 Great Benefits Of Horse Riding For Kids

benefits horse riding for kids

As children start to grow up and take in the world around them, experiencing nature and the great outdoors is a wonderful educational tool as well as a means of developing both their personality and imaginative spirit. There is a lot of literature available online about how horse-riding is beneficial to children with behavioural and […]