How To Fit A Market Harborough

How To Fit A Market Harborough

The market harborough is a combination of a static rein attached to a snaffle bit and a draw rein. The draw rein looks very similar to a martingale. It is looped around the girth, runs between the horse’s front legs, up through a neckstrap, divides, passing through each bit ring from inside to outside, and then clips onto a series of spaced D. rings on the reins. As the rein is pulled, the draw rein slides over the top rein and, depending on how tightly it is adjusted, it draws the horse’s nose in.

The draw rein is only brought to bear when the horse carries his head too high or throws it up; it should, therefore, be adjusted so as not to be restrictive when the head is at a normal angle. It has been used very successfully by trainers teaching riders to experience the feel of a horse in a more rounded profile While they are working on becoming more effective with leg aids.

TO FIT: The neck strap and girth loop are fitted as an ordinary martingale would be. The draw rein should pass through the bit rings from inside to outside and should be adjusted so that, when the reins take effect, the horse’s nose is ulled onl to the vertical position and not into the chest.

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