The Halsverlenger

The Halsverlenger

Halsverger means neck stretcher. This piece of equipment can e used for either ridden or lunge work. It is a strong piece of elastic with a woven nylon sleeve covering it; it has two clips at each end and is passed through a plastic block so that the rein is equally divided into two. It is designed to encourage the horse to bring his nose into a horizontal position by a combination of poll pressure and pressure on the bars of the mouth independently of the rider’s hand.

TO FIT: The block sits on top of the horse’s head and both reins are passed down the sides of the horse’s face and through the snaffle bit rings from outside to inside, then they run alongside the shoulders on either side of the horse and are attached to either a lunging roller or the girth of a saddle.

If a deeper profile is required, the reins pass from the bit rings down the horse’s chest, through the horse’s front legs and are attached to the girth. Pulling the elastic through the block and forming a loop on top of the horse’s head makes adjustments to the overall length. This device is not always long enough for larger horses but you can extend it by putting a loop of leather around the girth then clipping the Halsverlenger to the loop.

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