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Calcium and phosphorous are two of the most important macro-minerals in terms of quantity required by horses, but it is the ratio of these elements which is crucial. This is particularly important where horses are fed a diet with high grain intake as grains can have a ratio of phosphorous to calcium as high as 6 to 1. Calcium is essential for development of strong bones.

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Flexivite HA

FlexiVite is an oral feed supplement which provides a unique combination of biologically active substances known to maintain supple joints in horses. Unique to Equine Products (UK) Ltd., FlexiVite enhances lubrication, shock absorption and elasticity.

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Bio-Trition ZMC Advanced

Bio-Trition is a complementary feeding supplement for horses, which contains high levels of Biotin – an essential vitamin for the maintenance of good hoof quality.

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Calcium is the key to strong and healthy bones. It is also essential for the proper function of the nervous system. Calavite was developed to assist the maintenance of healthy levels of calcium by including the formulation of a carefully calculated proportion of vitamins D3 and A which aid absorption and utilisation of calcium. An ideal supplement for foals, young stock and lactating mares.

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