Yard Boots

Posted on September 04 2015


A good pair of yard boots are essential for any horse owner these days.  With the changing climate, the winters are getting wetter, muddier and more unpredictable - and who wants to have wet feet?

When selecting our footwear manufacturers, TotalHorse ensured that we only partnered with brands that we felt offered the greatest all round range of our clients with quality, style and durability in mind.

One of our best selling footwear items is the Dublin River Boot, you see them everywhere from the yard to the local supermarket, proving them to be a versatile boot to wear at the stable and also casually too.  Being completely waterproof and made from leather they have proved time and time again to be a certain choice for the rider who wants to look good and stay warm and dry.

In the future we hope to partner with brands such as Mountain Horse and Toggi to give our clients a greater range to choose from.

Until then please do visit our yard boots page to view all products available.


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