Winter is Coming

Posted on September 04 2015


With winter fast arriving its time to start thinking about which rugs to buy and the age old question - which make.

Lightweight Rugs

Lightweight turnout rugs are great for the transition between summer and winter, not too heavy but just enough to keep the wind and chill away from your horse.  With the best rugs in the market place being Weatherbeeta and Masta, these manufacturers have always strived for excellence in their products and here at TotalHorse we can't recommend them enough.  Their rugs are easy to fit, stay on the horse well and do exactly as they say they will.

Medium Weight Rugs

Medium Weight Turnout rugs are ideal for using as winter sets in and finishes.  Your horse may have slightly acclimatised to the colder climate but temperatures change, and they can change fast and a light weight rug may not suffice.  Our range of Weatherbeeta Turnout Rugs cater for all eventualities to ensure your horse remains warm, dry and protected.  These rugs even come with a 3 year warranty on them for total peace of mind when purchasing.

Heavy Weight Rugs

Its that time of the year that most of us cosy up in the warm and wrap up to avoid the chill of deep winter, and your horse feels the exact same way.  Keeping your horse warm, dry and chill free during these months isn't easy but with our range of heavy weight turnout rugs from varied manufacturers, you can be rest assured that these rugs are the very best, the highest in quality and amazing to look at.

Here at TotalHorse we are often asked which is our favourite rug or which is the best seller.  For us, we can't recommend the Weatherbeeta Freestyle Combo Medium enough.  The quality of this rug is superb and with winters seeming to get milder these days, this rug covers most eventualities and should it get really cold, you can always use an under rug for your horse too for added warmth.


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