Abbot Davies Balancing Rein Instructions

Davies Balancing Rein Instructions

The Abbot Davies balancing rein is a system of schooling the horse to the correct balance and creating a relaxed profile thus enabling the horse to build up back and topline muscles. The system is used in three different positions and encourages the neck to lower and stretch and engages the quarters.

The main aim of the system is to build up a correct profile so that the horse automatically finds it more natural and comfortable to move and work in the correct shape in an ordinary snaffle bit. The system works on the principles of pulleys and levers and also uses the age-old training method of using the tail: the tail is pulled between the horse’s hind legs and then attached to the training rein that goes up to the mouth.

TO FIT: Quite a substantial amount of equipment is involved in this system so following the instructions provided to use and fit this is essential. A complete booklet is provided with this training aid at point of sale.

The three positions are:

  1. Attached from the mouth to the girth;
  2. Attached from the mouth to the tail with a rope;
  3. Attached from the mouth to behind the ears with a rubber

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